Commercial Glass Cleaners Are Not Your Friend

Here in the framing industry, we clean a lot of glass.  Some types are more temperamental than others when it comes to stubborn fingerprints or dust and debris.  Nothing is worse than having everything pinned in, the backing paper on, only to flip it over and find fingerprints on the inside! Ugh.

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What we have found, though, is that the answer is not commercially sold window and glass cleaner (you know the ones).  Although it may work fine for your large plate glass windows at home, it does little to help in our world of framing. It can leave residue or streaks from the chemicals that are in it. You can wipe and wipe and clean and clean and still see streaks.

Our answer?  Equal parts of rubbing alcohol and water. That’s it. Mix it up in a spray bottle, use a clean microfiber towel, spray the mixture on the towel (not the glass – this is important!*), and make that glass shine.

*spraying the solution directly onto the glass can cause water spots to appear and make it more difficult to wipe clean.

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