Keeping Space Between Your Art & Glass

Oftentimes, a customer will come in with an older piece that was framed many moons ago and wants to have it redone.

The problem?

The photograph is stuck to the glass and can’t be removed without ruining the picture.

Spaced Matte Frame Akron OH

Fortunately, we are whizzes at Photoshop and have been able to scan in the original and fix up any marks that appear from pealing it away from the glass.

But why did it stick in the first place?

There wasn’t any space left between the shiny slick glass and the susceptible paper of the photograph. Over the years, with the changing moisture and humidity in the area where it was hanging, the two started to fuse together.

This is why it is so important to use spacers. The most common “spacer” would be the mat boards you typically see on a custom framed piece. These give just enough space for the piece to breathe a little and not be pressed right up to the glass.

The matboard itself serves as the spacer here.

For the times where mat boards aren’t used, there are plastic spacers that adhere to the inside lip of the frame and set the piece off of the glass a fraction of an inch.  They come in three colors and are virtually unnoticeable once installed.

Spacers Frame Akron OH

Plastic spacers in clear, white, & black.

Other times, we have used “walls” to act as spacers, especially for 3-dimensional or bulkier items or just to add extra visual interest.

Custom Matte Picture Frame Akron OH

Printed “walls” space the piece from the glass here.

A critical piece that we recently framed is this original hand painted advertisement from the 1924 Olympic games.

Matte Picture Frame Akron OH

The piece was far too large to have a matboard cut for it and the paint was old and cracking.  It needed to be spaced away from the glass, so plastic spacers were used. Had we put the glass directly on top of the cracked and peeling paint, it would have caused irreparable damage to a valuable and historic piece.

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