Making Your Inexpensive Poster Look Like A Million Bucks

Everyone had them. Whether it was your college dorm room or your first apartment, there’s a good chance you had a cheap poster in a skinny black store-bought “poster frame” hanging on your wall. No judgement. I get it. But we’re grown ups now and grown ups deserve classy framing.

Cheap Poster Framing Akron OH

Notice how I didn’t mention anything about the cheap poster itself?

There’s nothing wrong with framing an inexpensive poster print, if you do it correctly. That’s what we’re here to discuss today. Here’s a look at a right and wrong way to frame a poster:

Cost Effective Framing Akron OH

The one on the left shows the full paper size, including the black margins on all sides and the printer’s copyright mark on the bottom. It screams “I’m a poster!” The one on the right uses matting that comes right up to the image, cutting off all of the excess blank space around it. The result? The image now looks closer to a professional photo or piece of art that you spent time and money to purposefully design and frame for your space. You took a $20 poster of an image you admired and made it look like an expensive piece of art.

You’ll never look at is as “just a poster” ever again.

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