New Trend: Leaning Mirrors

New Design Trend Leaning Mirrors Akron OH

Large, framed mirrors sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall are very popular in today’s homes. A large mirror can help visually open up a room, making it seem instantly more spacious.

Here are some tips to keep in mind with leaning mirrors:

  • Leaning Mirrors Akron OHInstallation is so much easier, since there’s no need to put anchors in the wall to support the weight. However, households with small children should be advised to secure heavy mirrors to the wall, just as they would do for bookcases, dressers and TVs.
  • Although the mirror is sitting on the floor, it’s important to remember you’ll still need a substantial frame around it for support – large mirrors, especially, can be very heavy.
  • Glass and mirror companies can create custom size mirrors so you can have one that is perfectly matched to your space.
  • Display a beautiful leaning mirror in a hall or entryway, guest room, master bedroom, formal living room – make it high-impact to capture attention.

You can make a bold statement with mirrors – the seemingly bland canvas allows you to use our most dramatic collections of frames.

Let your custom framed mirror reflect your style!

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