On The Move? How To Protect Your Framed Art

Planning a move in the near future? Before you start boxing things up, consider the proper way to pack your framed artwork so that it is well protected in its travels.

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You bought the cardboard boxes, the jumbo-sized roll of bubble wrap, and a few rolls of packing tape. Let’s do this! Kitchen utensils in this box, collection of antique cat figurines in that one, the world’s heaviest box of books over there…this packing thing is a breeze!

But when it comes to packing up your framed photos and artwork, extra care needs to be taken to insure they will arrive at their new home free of scratches and broken glass.

Here’s just a few quick tips to help you on your move:

NEVER pack your frames back to front. 

The hangers and hardware on the back of Frame A can rub against the front of Frame B and cause scratches in the finish.  Instead, pack them front to front and back to back. Be sure to wrap them each in bubble wrap and possibly add scrap cardboard between each one for added protection.

NEVER stack frames horizontally.

Stand your frames upright (vertically) inside the box.  If you lay them flat and start stacking, the weight can cause the glass to crack. Plus, the extra weight can cause the artwork or glass to pop out of the frames on the bottom.

DON’T put packing tape directly on the frame or glass.

For obvious reasons, this can leave a sticky residue when removed or take some of the finish of the frame with it.  Instead, use stretch tape (think stretchy Saran Wrap) to keep the bubble wrap and/or cardboard in place. This can be found with the packing materials at a local hardware store or U-Haul store.

Use specialty boxes for larger pieces.

You can find specialty boxes at moving supply stores.  Choose one that is slightly larger than the frame and secure it with packing tape.  You can also use a flattened cardboard box and attach to the front to protect the glass.


Use a marker to write FRAGILE on each of the boxes or cardboard that the frames are packed in.  It also wouldn’t hurt to mark THIS END UP to make sure that the box isn’t set down on its side by accident. Place them carefully in the moving truck between heavier items like furniture which won’t shift as much during transport.

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