Resisting the Urge To Match

Let’s take a look at the world of fashion for a moment, shall we?

While I don’t claim to be an expert on the subject, I have been able to throw together a decent looking outfit on occasion. My mother taught me early on that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, you don’t wear black with navy, and you don’t mix your silver and gold jewelry. While I no longer adhere to all of these fashion “rules” (sorry, Mom), there is one rule that I DID have trouble breaking: mixing patterns. It was hard…stripes don’t go with floral prints! But once I embraced it, the possibilities in my humble closet became endless. I can wear that plaid skirt with a polka dot blouse? You betcha. Houndstooth and stripes? Why not?

Fashion Show Akron OH

My point? The world of fashion is much like the world of interior design. Or more importantly in our case, the world of framing.

Here is a quick rundown of a common conversation we have with clients:

Us: So did you have any ideas in mind for the frame choice? Or are you open to anything at this point?

Client: Well, the furniture in that room is a dark mahogany color. And I have a few other frames already that are darker wood. So I’d like to make them all go together.

Even though the colorful painting from the client’s recent trip to Belize (ooo Belize….that sounds nice, doesn’t it??) that they want to have framed just Does. Not. Go. with a dark mahogany frame, their first thought is to start there. More often than not, they change their mind pretty quickly once they see the combination together and move to something more appealing to the piece. But that was their first thought: Make it all match.

Can you imagine these colorful airplanes in a mahogany or maple frame? Not once you see them in this awesome metallic silver frame, liner, and fillet that perfectly compliment the colors and the style of the prints!

Custom Picture Framing Akron OH

What about this gorgeous wedding photo?  Would a walnut colored frame that matches the other walnut frames in the room have the same effect as this stunning capize shell frame? Nope.

Custom Picture Framing Canton OH

If you take anything away from reading this post, I hope it’s the fact that not everything in a room has to match. Particularly the wood tones. Your floors don’t need to match the trim, the trim doesn’t need to match the end tables, and the end tables don’t need to match the picture frames. Having too much of one tone of wood can become monotonous. Mix it up a bit. Have a few different wood toned frames that play off each other nicely. Have an oak entertainment console in your living room? Pair it with dark walnut frames.

I know it might sound strange at first. But if the fashion world has given us a green light on leopard print and paisley living harmoniously as one (ok, that one is a stretch, even for me) then we can surely pair 2 or even 3 different wood tones in one room and make our artwork look its best.

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