The Proper Height For Hanging Your Art

Proper Hanging Height Akron OH

I’m one of those people who, when I walk into a space for the first time, my eyes instantly dart around and take in the decor (or sometimes lack thereof).  Having been in the framing industry off and on for quite some time, I almost always go straight for whats on the walls. And not necessarily the frames themselves.  More so, the placement of the frames. I can pick out an ill-placed piece of art pretty quickly…and then proceed to be distracted by it for the remainder of my time in that space.

Ever feel like Goldilocks?  This one is too high, this one is too low, this one is juuuust right.

Hanging Art Akron OH

The most common picture hanging mistake is placing your artwork too high or too low on the wall. This is often the result of who is hanging it. The common rule of thumb is to hang it eye level. But eye level for a basketball player is much different than eye level for my 85 year old grandmother. The height of your ceiling plays a role, too.  Taller ceilings can afford to have artwork hung a little higher on the wall. But standard 8′ ceilings…you don’t want your frame mere inches from the ceiling.

There are other things to consider as well. Will you be primarily standing when viewing the piece (hallway or entryway)? Or will you be seated in the room (dining room or living area)?

If it’s in a hallway, you would want it at the average eye level of someone who would be walking down the hall. If it’s in a dining room, a little lower on the wall would be preferred since you would mostly be seated at the table in this room.

Living rooms can be trickier. If it hangs above a sofa, eye level doesn’t necessarily apply. Below is a great visual From Emily Henderson’s blog to follow for times like these.

Proper Height


A few things to also consider are whether it will be a single frame or a collection of frames. When you hang more than one piece, you want the collection to have some consistency; to look like you planned them as one grouping rather than just added one here and there. I also found this great visual from

Hanging Picture Frames Akron OH


As you can see, each designer has a different opinion, but the core of what they are saying remains the same.

Overall, what you can take away from this is that you may need to put some thought and planning into where to hang certain pieces of art or framing.  Just tossing it up on the wall to fill an empty space might work out (if you’re lucky). But more often than not, it will leave you with that Goldilocks feeling that it’s juuuust not quite right.

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