To Drymount or Not to Drymount?

Waves are great. But only if they are accompanied by the tranquil sounds of the ocean and a beautiful sunset in the background while you’re sipping on a lemonade. Or if your home team is close to winning and the entire stadium starts a human version of a wave.

Waves in your framed artwork are not great.  Which is why we are huge advocates of dry mounting.

Drymount Picture Frame Akron OH

Here are a few questions we often receive:

What is dry mounting?

In a nutshell, this is the process of adhering your artwork/print/photo/document/etc onto a piece of foamcore.  This keeps it nice and flat and free of those stubborn waves that can pop up due to moisture and humidity.

But what if your piece is perfectly flat when you bring it in to see us? 

Chances are, you’ve kept it safe either rolled up, between two pieces of flat cardboard or such, or it’s fresh off the press and brand new – which is why it hasn’t started to wave…yet.  Either way, once you suspend it in a frame, it WILL start to wave due to the natural humidity and climate change in your home. Drymounting it will eliminate that possibility.

Is it permanent?

Yes…and No. The easiest and most efficient process we use is a permanent adhesion between artwork and foamcore.  This is really only a concern on valuable artwork and even then, only an issue if you plan on selling it down the road.  There is a more time-consuming and older practice that can be reversed if necessary.

What is eligible for dry mounting?

Photographs, posters, signed and numbered prints, painted artwork (there is even a special foamcore meant for adhering canvas paintings), documents such as diplomas and certificates, just to name a few.

Drymount Poster Board Akron OH

Now, there are times when full conservation framing is required or necessary and we are pros at that as well.  This usually involves archival mounting such as photo corners or museum-quality tapes. We encourage you to stop in with the item in question and let us give you our professional opinion and answer any further questions in person!

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